Hiking in the Peak of the Balkans!

“Peak of the Balkans” is a wonderful tour through the Balkans: The winner of the WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow Award 2013. This is a tour through unattainable places where you can realize the real grandeur of the mountains, and their jagged peaks. During your journey you will have the opportunity not only to hike and trek, but also to discover totally unknown lands, cut from the rest of the world preserving their natural beauty, the ancient culture and traditions of their inhabitants untouched. This is not only a tour: this is a discovery, a challenge, a new breathtaking experience. The quite ambitious “Peaks of the Balkans” trail comprises almost 200 km and completes a circuit crossing the three countries (Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo). It leads through high alpine landscape up to 2300 metres above sea level in the border region in Dobërdol (Albania) and Milishevc (Kosovo). This walking/hiking trip is a very special experience enjoying the unique beauty of massive of Albanian Alps that together with Kosovo and Montenegrin parts form the Peak of Balkans.

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Hiking in the Peak of the Balkans!


Name: Albania Explorer Tour Hiking in the Peak of the Balkans!



Duration: 12 Days 


Type: General, Cultural, Archeology, Nature, Gastronomy, Multi religious harmony, etc.  

 DATES (2019): 18 Jun ; 16 Jul ; 12 Sep ; 15 Oct

DATES (2020): 17 Jun ; 11 Jul ; 11 Sep ; 14 Oct


- Round-trip through three countries: Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo.
- Walking/hiking surrounded by the untouched nature of the Vlabona/Theth/Rugova region, along river valleys, through the rugged peaks in Thethi and Valbona National Parks in Albania, and Bjeshket e Namuna National Park in Montenegro/Kosovo.
- Walking/hiking in Gusinje, Vusanje and along the scenic Rapojana valley in Montenegro.
- Walking/hiking in Boge/Rugove region in Kosovo.
- Visits of the Decani Monastery - part of UNESCO World Heritage List and the exotic city of Prizren in Kosovo.
- Sightseeing and cultural tours in Shkodra - the centre of north Albania, Prizren – most preserved mediavasl city of Kosovo, and Tirana - the vibrant capital city of Albania.



Day 1 ; Arrival – Tirana/Albania, or Potgorica/Montenegro. 
Drive to Shkodra, one of the oldest inhabited cities in Albania with more than 2500-year-old history of urban civilization. Numerous people, countries and cultures have left their traces on the city. After a short city tour, and welcome dinner. Overnight in a hotel in Shkodra. (D)

Day 2 ; Koman Lake – Valbone. Departure to Valbone via Koman lake. The 2 hour trip on Lake Komani was called “One of the Great Boat Trips of the World” by the Bradt Guide, and certainly the scenery is stunning. The Drin River was flooded along part of its most mountainous passage to create the lakes in this region. The journey takes you along glassy clear water, twisting and turning through narrow passes and past silent mountain peaks. After the completion of this memorable leg of the journey we continue to Valbona. (Combination transfers by car 97 km, 2h 40’ and Koman Lake 2h 30’,  elev 959m). Overnight in Hotel in Valbone. (B,L,D)

Day 3 ; Ragam-Theth. We walk along the Valbona valley up to Rragam located at 1130 m altitude. After crossing a stream, the trail leads gently uphill through open forest to a glade with rocks and then begins a rough upward slope. On the "Qafa e Valbonës – Valbona Pass" in the altitude of 1814 m, the view of both valleys is unique. The descent towards Thethi begins very steep on a gravel path and follows through the forest. The overnight stay is planned in a guest in Theth. (17.6km, 6h 30’, max route elev 1814m, elev 822m) (B/L/D) 

Day 4 ; Theth. Circular Walking in Theth. For today we have planned a cognitive trek and a serene walk through the forest. The walk begins in the village with a visit to the church and the " Lock-in Tower". Then we will continue to Grunas Canyon that is 30 meters in height and one meter in width and after that to the Waterfall of Grunas. After a short break, we will continue toward Ndërlysë. The glacier mills of Ndërlysë offer a unique nature spectacle. Water runs through a strait that is created over thousands of years by the force of water. Rounded or rugged forms, the colors of water and rocks that shine under the sun can be seen from both sides of the strait. On the way back, we will visit the mill of Ndërlysa. (B,L,D)

Day 5 ; Vuthaj (Montenegro).  After breakfast continue to Vuthaj via Peja Pass (Qafë-Peja), in between the two spectacular peaks of Jezerca (2694m) and Arapaj (2217m) and the continue descend to for arrival Vuthaj village in Montenegro. (13.4km, 5h 35’, max route elev 1776m, elev 956 m)  Overnight in local guesthouse. (B,L,D)

Day 6 ; Plavë  After breakfast continue walking to Plav via Grlata and Kolenovica Katun. Plav is located at the foot of the Prokletije mountain range, adjacent to the springs of the river Lim.
The area contains many lakes and the most known is Lake Plav, one of the largest in this region. (16.3km, 5 h 30’, elev 948 m) Overnight in local guesthouse. (B,L,D) 

Day 7 ; Babino Polje  Departure to Babino Polje where we first stop at Treskavicki Katun then arrive to the wonderful natural lake Ridsko Jesera. Then walk in descendin to Babibo Polje village. which is found in the middle of the valley between the mountains. (13.7km, 5 h 45’, max route elev 2286m, elev 1484 m)  Overnight in local guesthouse. (B,L,D) 

Day 8 ; Leqinat. (Kosovo) Start the day with walking to lakes Kucisko and Drejlsko which are found in almost 2000m above sea level. A great panorama of three countries peaks of the mountains while being in Kosovo part of the track. (17.6km, 6 h 25’, max route elev 2108m, elev 1484 m). Overnight in local guesthouse. (B,L,D) 

Day 9 ; Drelaj  After breakfast, we start the day with a semi circular walking in Boga region by following the route to first Kuqishte and later Drugalve. After a lunch break, continue descending to Drelaj. (13.2km, 4 h 50’, max route elev 1410m, elev 1076 m) Overnight in local guesthouse. (B,L,D) 

Day 10 ; Reka e Allages-Rugove Camp.  After breakfast we will enjoy another semicircular walk in fascinating Rugova valley, by first having an ascending walk to Pepaj. After lunch break, continue descending to Reka e Allages. Transfer by cars to Rugove Camp. (11.4km, 4 h 10’, max route elev 1549m, elev 917 m) Overnight in Hotel.(B,L,D) 

Day 11 ; Visit of Decani Monastery and Prizren – Tirana. This day is dedicated to cultural sightseeing in Kosovo. We will be driven to Deçani to visit the Visoki Deçani monastery, part of UNESCO World Heritage List. It was built between 1327 and 1335 by the Serbian medieval king St. Stephen of Decani and was dedicated to the Ascension of the Lord. From there we will be driven to Prizren, a multicultural historic city. We will visit the Shadërvan quartier, the mosque of Sinan Pasha, admire or buy the typical leatherworks and walk over the old stone bridge or uphill up to the fortress which dominates the city. Lunch is planned in a traditional restaurant just in the middle of the Sharri Mountains. You will have the possibility to eat traditional food as you enjoy the breathtaking natural landscape. In the afternoon - return trip to Tirana. (B/ L/ D). Overnight in Hotel in Tirana (or, Potgorica) 

Day 12: Transfer to airport after breakfast according to the flight schedules. (B).

Backpack 40–50lt bottle for water ( 1liter ) Towel Camera and accessories Sunglasses Trekking poles ( highly recommended) Insect repellent Small professional First Aid kit Sun cream and Lip salve Blisters plaster Passport Money


Trekking boots - three season / waterproof Socks Underwear T-shirts Trekking pants Short trousers Waterproof jacket Waterproof trousers Sun hat.