Explore the ancient Illyria's traces!

Explore best sites of Albania’s in a short tour to enjoy unique experiences, especially for travelers willing to know better our country.

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Explore the ancient Illyria's traces!

Name: Albania Explorer Tour Explore the ancient Illyria's traces!


Duration: 6 Days  

Type: General, Cultural, Archeology, Nature, Gastronomy, Multi religious harmony, etc.  

DATES (2019): 17 Jan ; 21 Feb ; 23 Mar ; 17 Apr ; 22 May ; 20 Jun ; 20 Jul ; 22 Aug ; 21 Sep ; 19 Oct ; 23 Nov ;  21 Dec

DATES (2020): 18 Jan ; 22 Feb ; 22 Mar ; 19 Apr ; 24 May ; 21 Jun ; 19 Jul ; 23 Aug ; 20 Sep ; 18 Oct ; 22 Nov ;  20 Dec



Day 1
Tirana. Arrival at “Mother Theresa” International Airport and transfer to Hotel in Tirana.  Tirana is located on a plain on the site of a Byzantine fortress and has been the capital since 1920 (visits to the Skanderbeg Square, Mosque of Ethem Bey (built on 1824), the Clock Tower (built on 1822), the National Museum (the huge mosaic on front represent the Albanian history development, and the stages of this development are presented on respective pavilions), Archeological Museum (there are presented many archeological discoveries since the Stone Age up to the Medieval). Welcome dinner with traditional food, return to hotel and overnight (Te Stela 4*, or similar). (D)

Day 2 
Kruja - Durres. After breakfast, we departure for Kruja, the town of Albania's most important resistance under the leadership of Gjergj Kastrioti “Scanderbeg”, who in the 15th century successfully fought off the Ottomans for over 25 years. Sightseeing at his castle and the impressive Scanderbeg Museum, Ethnographical Museum and shopping in old bazaar. After lunch, we continue to Durres. Durres is one of the oldest cities in the Mediterranean and the largest sea-port in Albania. This busy port city has one of the largest Roman amphitheaters in the Balkans (20000 spectators). We visit archeological museum, Venetian tower, and Termi Romani. Accommodation to hotel (Nais 3*, or similar) and overnight. (B)

Day 3
Berat – Apolloni - Vlore. After breakfast, we continue to Berat. One of the oldest inhabited regions of Albania, more than 2400 years old, and with special status from UNESCO. Visit to its castle of Berat with Onufri museum and other churches inside; Mosque of Berat and the old Bridge of Gorica. After lunch,  we continue the tour to Apollonia, wich was founded in 588 BC and taken by Aristotle as a model in his analysis of oligarchy, because of its distinct and separate Illyrian and Greek communities. It was a vital stronghold in Caesar's civil war with Pompey and also important in early Christian history with its bishop attending the councils of Ephesus and Chlalkis in 431 and 451 AD. We will visit its museum, Shen Meri Monastery and Church.  Than we departure to the coastal city of Vlora. Vlora is the city where Albanian independence from Ottomans was proclaimed on November 28th, 1912. Visit to Museum of Independence, Vlora mosque, and in evening accommodation to Hotel Partner 4* (or similar), and overnight. (B)

Day 4
Saranda. After breakfast, we continue to South of Albania, by making the first “coffee break” to Llogara National Park and enjoying the spectacular views of mountains and the Albanian Riviera at an altitude of 1020 m above sea level where Ionian Sea and Corfu Island gives a spectacular view. Stop over in seaside villages of Palase, Dhermi, Himara and Borsh, and Ali Pashe Tepelena Castle. Arrival to Sarande. After accommodation to hotel and lunch, we visit ruins of Butrint antic city, Albania's most important archaeological site. Butrint dates from the 7th century BC, later becoming a Roman colony, then falling under the sway of the Venetians and Turks. Virgil claimed that the Trojans settled Butrint, but no evidence of this has yet been found. Within a century of the Greeks arriving, Butrint had become a fortified trading city with its own acropolis, the ruins of which we can still visit. The rediscovered city is a microcosm of almost 3,000 years of Mediterranean history, and its 6th century BC fortification evokes the city's military power and symbolizes the rich culture of the once thriving ancient city. Exploration of amphitheater, Venetian tower, mosaic, lion gate, etc. We will return to hotel  (Brilant Hotel 4*, or similar) and overnight in Saranda. (B)
  Dinner at the Lekuresi Fortress in Saranda with great views of the bay of Saranda and the Island of Corfu.

Day 5
Gjirokaster – Tirane.
 After breakfast, we leave Saranda, visit the Blue Eye National Park, than continue to the “Museum City” of Gjirokastra. Than we continue to Gjirokaster. City tour, visit to its castle and  Armaments Museum. After lunch, we continue to Tirana. Arrival to Tirana and accommodation to hotel (Hotel Te Stela 4*, or similar)  and overnight. Possibilities for shopping and enjoying the night life in Tirana “Famous Ex-Bllok area”. (B)

Day 6 
Departure. Transfer to “Mother Teresa” International Airport for departure from Tirana. End of services. (B)